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Welcome! We are delighted that you are visiting our web site as well as our Parish. We hope you will worship with us and we welcome you to register.  

If you are interested in becoming a member of our parish, there is a three step registration process. We invite you to be registered in order to celebrate the Sacraments, receive parish rates in the school and the PRE program, to rent the Parish Center and other benefits. If you aren't receiving parish mailings, you may not be registered.  First, we'd like you to call the Parish Offices to give us your registration information or come to the Rectory, Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 where you will be given the dates and times of our orientation meetings.   We'll have lots of information for you, answer any questions you have, and give you an opportunity to finalize your registration. When you sign and return the Membership Agreement, you complete the registration process.  

To begin registration call the Parish Offices, 402-572-0499.  

Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving

Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving
St. James’ very own, Deacon Padraic Stack, will be ordained a priest on Saturday, June 2nd at 10:00 a.m. at St. Cecilia’s Cathedral. He will have his Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving here at St. James on Sunday, June 3rd at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to come and witness his first Mass as principle celebrant.

Blood Drive 5/29

Tuesday, May 29th from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Parish Center. Sign up in the narthex after all Masses.

Lawn Crew #1

Lawn Crew #1, Saturday, June 2 - Dave Wilmes, Capt., 402-572-8267, Randy Franson, Tom Haley, Dale Kurtenbach, Joe Mancuso, John Nocita, Jim Placek, Rob Placek, Ryan Schwarz, Lyle Simmons, Michael Thomassen, Jim Wilmes, John Wilmes, Max Wilmes, Mike Wilmes, Steve Swanson

Construction Zone

Coming Soon!

Thanks to Mother Nature last year, St James will be having a new shingled roof put on the Church this year. Insurance is covering all but the deductible for the work. The work is scheduled to start the first week of June and is tentatively targeted to end by the end of the same week, weather permitting. They will wait to begin work each day until after the 8:15 morning Mass has been completed. Please watch out for extra work trucks and equipment as you make your way around the church property.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Monday, May 28
Join us for Mass at 9:00 a.m.
Please note, the Parish Office will be closed.

Bulletin Editor/Volunteer Coordinator

Employment Opportunity

Bulletin Editor/Volunteer Coordinator

St James is looking for a highly motivated, creative individual to fill the position of Bulletin Editor/Volunteer Coordinator. This position requires the use of Microsoft Publisher and the ability to set and meet schedule deadlines for the publication of the Parish bulletin each week. This position will work closely with the Pastor, parish staff and committee representatives to produce a well organized bulletin each week. This position will also be involved in the upkeep of volunteer listings for the parish and the Ministry and Talent Resource Directory each year. This is a part-time position that will require in office attendance. If interested, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail to St James Catholic Church, 9025 Larimore Avenue, Omaha, NE 68134. You may also drop a copy off at the parish office Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm.


*We have an immediate need for Adorers for the times noted in bold:
Monday: 12 noon-1 p.m., 2-3 p.m., *3-4 p.m.
Tuesday: *3-4 a.m. and *7-8 p.m.
Wednesday: 9-10 a.m., 11 a.m.–12 noon, 12 noon-1:00 p.m
Thursday: 9-10 a.m., 1-2 p.m., 2-3 p.m., 7-8 p.m.
If you can’t commit to every week, please consider sharing an hour. We’d like to have two adorers for every hour (including from Sunday at 7:00 p.m. to Thursday at 12:00 midnight; also for various hours from 12:00 midnight to 5:00 a.m. M-T-W-Th). You are always welcome to stop in the Chapel for Eucharistic Adoration. Come as you are, invite Jesus into your heart, and He will do the rest.

NEW FEAST: Mary, Mother of the Church

NEW FEAST: Mary, Mother of the Church

“...Pope Francis has just declared that the Monday after Pentecost will, from now on, be always celebrated as the Memorial of Mary, the Mother of the Church (this year on May 21st). It is said that the Holy Spirit came upon Mary at least two times in a profound way; the first time at the time of the Annunciation when the child Jesus was conceived within her womb, and the second time when the disciples were gathered with her in the upper room at the time of Pentecost, when the Church was formed around her. This is a great new feast and really makes present Mary’s role in preparing the disciples for the coming of the Holy Spirit. They were as ready as they could be – and the Church was born.” ~ Fr. Tom

Website Sponsorships Available!

  • In the weeks ahead, our parish representative from Solutio, Inc., will be setting up the advertising for our website for the year.
  • Please consider participating in this effort since the revenue from the ads is what makes the website possible at no cost to the parish.
  • It’s a great way to get your name in front of the families in the parish.  Advertisements may be purchased for a business, family memorial, or you can sponsor an ad supporting Catholic Charities, Knights of Columbus, Vocations, etc.
  • Please give these ideas some thought. We need and appreciate your help!  If you are interested or just curious as to prices and want more information, please contact 402.513.9428 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Click here to learn more about pricing:




HOPE Program’s PARKING LOT SALE will be on June 23rd this year. Start cleaning the garage and your closets, bring items to the sale and help the program excel and yourself in the process. Call the HOPE office to secure 1 parking spot for $20 or 2 for $30 HOPE Office 402-572-7897 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stewardship Annual Renewal Form

Click here to go to the St. James Stewardship website. Once there, click "Annual Renewal Form" button to fill out the 2018 stewardship form online.

Interested in becoming EMHC / Lector?

Are You Interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) or a Lector?

Call the Parish Office, 402-572-0499, ext. 22, to register for training.

Training Dates: (must attend one session)
Sunday, August 5, St. Columbkille, Papillion, 1:30 – 4:30 P.M.
Monday, August 13, St. Vincent de Paul, Omaha 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.
Tuesday, August 21, St. Leo, Omaha, 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.

Mandation: (must attend)
Thursday, August 30, St. Cecilia Cathedral, Omaha, 7:00 P.M.

Igniting The Flame

What happens to the prayers we place in the prayer basket located in our St. James Chapel?

The prayers in the prayer basket remain in the chapel, in the presence of the Lord, for an entire year. On Holy Saturday, all of the prayers are collected and used to start the fire at the beginning of the Easter Vigil Mass. As the smoke rises, the prayers are lifted toward Heaven. From these flames, we light the Easter candle, and upon entering the darkened church, the Easter candle lights our own individual candles—soon the church is illumined with Christ’s light. This is a beautiful and sacred tradition.

Catechumens and Candidates

Catechumens and Candidates!

Marilynn Bakhit
Alejandrina Arevalo Carcuz
Ian Christiansen
Daryl Pence
Johnathon Redden
Krysta Reed
Wesley Reed
Brandon Watson

Sacraments Talks

Sacraments of the Church

Baptism and Confirmation - click here for video of presentation
Eucharist - click here for video of presentation
The Anointing of the Sick - click here for video of presentation
Holy Orders and Matrimony - click here for video of presentation
Reconciliation - click here for video of presentation

Baptism and Confirmation.
Fr. Tom shows some slides showing the wonder of Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan and how it has affected human history. It was a truly extraordinary event, not only theologically but also geologically. The graces that flowed upon Him at His baptism also flowed upon you and me at ours, and it is important for us to grow in our understanding of these graces. He also speaks about how Confirmation truly strengthens these graces.

Fr. Michael Voithofer presented on the Sacrament of the Eucharist. As most everyone knows, he has a tremendous devotion to the Eucharist and he combines his insights with a slide presentation that will deepen our love of our Savior who remains with us in this most Blessed Sacrament. All who have an hour of adoration and all those who are open to taking an hour are especially invited to view this presentation.

The Anointing of the Sick.
Fr. Tom speaks about the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. This sacrament is important to us at many different levels: sicknesses, surgeries, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, approaching death. Jesus told his disciples to anoint and heal the sick and we continue to do so. He talks about when we can receive it, how many times we can receive it, who can receive it, what it does for us, and why it is important for us. He also talks about the 4 last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. His presentation will also go into Purgatory and Indulgences. We always want to be ready for the Final Battle: we just don’t know when.

Holy Orders.
Fr. Andrew Roza, Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Omaha, gives his insights on promoting vocations, not only to the priesthood but also to the diaconate, religious, and consecrated life. He is a very good speaker and will fill us in about the profound eternal significance that comes from “answering the call.”

Deacon Randy Grosse and his wife Pam talk about the Sacrament of Matrimony. They delve into God’s eternal plan to have us share in his actions of creation and model for the world the love of Christ for His bride, the Church. They also speak on the eternal significance of spousal and family love.

Fr. Toby speaks on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. His presentation also goes into the history and the theology of the sacrament, the biblical basis for it, some concrete examples of Christ’s teachings on it, how to prepare well for it, the different kinds of sin and how it is healthy and healing to go regularly. This is one of the most misunderstood sacraments, and it is actually is a profound and wonderful gift to us to help us be always ready to answer God’s call in our lives.

Baby Blankets Are Needed

“Beginning Essentials” parenting programs empower women to care for their babies until they reach their 18-month

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is frightening for a woman who lacks the support of her boyfriend or family.

Women walk into our centers believing that no one cares about them or the child developing inside of them. It is an “aloneness” most of us have never experienced. A large part of our program centers around giving the gift of a blanket. Many EPS volunteers knit, crochet, and sew dozens of blankets for us, but our supply is drastically low. Any blanket donation you can give, of any kind, would be appreciated.

If you can help, contact us at: Essential Pregnancy Services, 6220 Maple St., Omaha, 68104.
     Office, 402.554.0121
     Donor site: friendsofeps.org
     Hotline: 402.554.1000
     Client site: essentialps.org

Three-point Plan for Holiness

All Christians are called to holiness. “Be perfect, as you heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). There are three tools on which every Catholic can rely to attain greater holiness.  

- Daily prayer.  God meets us in a very real and present way when we come to him in prayer. Start in the morning and pray throughout the day.  

- Weekly Mass.  The Mass is a sacrifice and a meal. We receive Jesus’ body and blood as real food for our souls. He said, “For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him” (John 6:55-56). That’s why we call it “Communion.”  

- Monthly Confession.  Jesus created the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (Confession) because he knew we would stray. He also knew we would want to come back. Frequent participation in this Sacrament sharpens our sense of sin, holds us accountable for our errors, and gives us the grace to keep trying for holiness. 

The New Evangelization

The New Evangelization utilizes ChristLife, Catholic Ministry for Evangelization which is a three step evangelization process changing lives and transforming parishes using new strategies with ardor, methods and expression.    For more information, please contact Josie Clarey at the Parish Office 402-572-0499 or find Josey's email address in the Good News.


Annual Renewal Website

To access the St. James Annual Renewal Website please go to:




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