The New Evangelization

We are excited to begin launching evangelization and discipleship efforts here at St. James!   We will utilize ChristLife, Catholic Ministry for Evangelization which is a three step evangelization process changing lives and transforming parishes.   The New Evangelization is a call to share the unchanging Truth of Jesus Christ using new strategies with ardor, methods and expression so that Jesus Christ and His love can be accessed by all.  

Intentional Discipleship
Do you feel a call to go deeper in your walk with Christ and become a leader in Evangelization at St. James?   As we  build a culture of Evangelization and Discipleship, we will meet weekly to pray and study with the book, Divine Renovation, by Father James Mallon (materials provided).   Starting August 29 we began Tuesday evening meetings from 7-8:30 pm.   To register or for more information, please contact Josie Clarey at the Parish Office 402-572-0499 or find Josey's email address in the Good News.