Who Needs Icy Weather?

Who Needs Icy Weather?  This winter we have already experienced icy conditions that have caused major traffic issues for our streets, specifically in our neighborhoods.  There has also been an increase in emergency room visits related to these events.  It is a good idea to review our travel habits.   

Don’t go out if you don’t have to!  This includes stepping outside of your own home when sidewalks, driveways, porches and decks can become a hazard.  

If you do need to go out, dress accordingly, wearing proper footwear that has some sort of rubber tread to reduce slippage. Take your dress shoes in a separate bag and change into them after you arrive at your destination.  Wear warm clothing: hats, gloves, warm coats.  If you are cold, you tend to overlook safety and rush to your destination.

If surfaces are icy, consider walking on grassy areas.  These will still be slick, but will potentially be safer than hard surfaces.   Avoid surfaces that have little sun exposure.  These areas will be the last to melt and dry up.  Parking stalls tend to be icy longer due to vehicles blocking the sun and treatment.  Salting and sanding only work if certain temperature and sun exposure situations exist, so it is important to treat any hard service with care.  Be alert!  Be cautious!  Be safe!

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