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At this time we need one 3rd grade catechist for the 2017-2018 school year.    Catechists are religion teachers.   One need not be a professional teacher to be a catechist.   They are volunteers who love Jesus and their Catholic faith and wish to share their faith with young people.   We have very good religion books that serve as a guide and there are required prayers to practice every month.   Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to be a catechist.   Substitute catechists are always needed, too!  Please pray for some of last year's catechists who are discerning whether to teach this next year or not.  

Happy Feast Day to our families from St. James Parish!   St. James' Feast Day is Tuesday, July 25.   Happy Feast Day to all grandparents and in particular those who ensure that their grandchildren attend PRE.   Wednesday, July 26 is the Feast Day of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.   It is a good day to ask for their intercession for all grandparents.

PRE enrollment forms for 2017-2018 were e-mailed; they are also available in the kiosks of both SJ and SEA.  Registration forms have been mailed to all those who haven't registered for the e2017-2018 School Year.   It helps us plan for the number of teachers and books if families register early.  Fees can be paid in September if that helps with summer bills.  Jo can mail the form to families if necessary.    God bless all our PRE families with a safe and happy summer.

Special thanks to the catechists who shared their time, knowledge and love for Jesus with out students:  Tara Lopez, Doris Grillo, Linda Taylor, Mary Griger, Jill Osantowski, Mary Lawler, Sheila Shanle, Paul Cunningham, Mike and Liz Kelly, Anne Gregory, Michael Gofta, Cyndi Hevi, Jen Kelley, Vanessa Erwin, Garland Taylor, Tom Micek, Andrew Lewandowski, Cathy Keisling, DeEmma McKinley, Barbara Warner, Jerrie Glassman, Evetta McKinley, Jim Fisher, Tracy Smith and Katie Garrett.   Special thanks also to our teacher aides and office workers.   It takes many people to care for our precious students.   God bless you all!

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