Parish Religious Education

Welcome!  You are looking at a page dedicated to the faith formation of the children and adults of St. James and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parishes.  St. Augustine said that finding God is the greatest human achievement.  We hope that the programs offered at St. James and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton will help you in this endeavor.

The five-day St. James/Seton School offers religious education daily.  For information on the curriculum please contact Jo Kusek, PRE Director at 402-572-0369.

P.R.E. is the religious education program for students who attend public schools.  The program is shared by St. James and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishes; classes for grades K-8 meet at St. James/Seton School at 4720 N 90th Street by St. James Church.  In 2017-2018, one session will be offered from 6-7:15 pm on Wednesday nights.  

Please see the Adult Faith Formation page for a listing of current offerings for adults. 

It is so important to keep growing in our knowledge and love for God and the Catholic Church. May God bless and sustain you in your search for God!


Generations of Faith Questions of the Week

Gospel for September 10, 2017     Mt 18:15-20
Key Passage:  Love does no evil to the neighbor, hence, love is the fulfillment of the law.  Romans 13:10
Question for Adults: How do you make sure you follow the way of love as described by Paul in today's reading?  What steps do you take to eliminate the unloving - grudges, hatred, prejudice or others?
Question for Youth:  As you learn more and more about life and love, what strategy do you follow to make love a priority in your life over greed, selfishness, rejection of others and similar things?
Question for Children:  What is one thing you would do for someone whom you loved?

Gospel for September 17, 2017   Mt 18:21-35
Key Passage:  Peter approached Jesus and asked him, "Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive?   As many as seven times?
Question for Adults: Jesus tells us to forgive seventy times seven which means always and forever.   Name a time this past week when you forgave someone.   Name, too, a time when you accepted another person's forgiveness.
Question for Youth: Jesus challenges us to forgive.   Who needs your forgiveness?   From whom do you need to ask forgiveness?
Question for Children: Jesus says we should forgive from our heart.   When did you ask forgiveness of someone you hurt?

Note to Parents of Students Attending Public Schools

If you have a son or daughter who is attending a public grade school in the Fall or is home-schooled, I invite you to enroll them in the Parish Religious Education (PRE) classes that are held every Wednesday evening for Grade K-8 from September through April from 6-7:15 pm.  All classes are held in St. James/Seton School on 90th St.   Students must attend Grade 1 in order to receive Reconciliation and First Communion in Grade 2.   Students must attend Grade 7 in order to be Confirmed in Grade 8.  Please call Jo Kusek for more information and a registration form.

Contact Jo Kusek
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Contact Information

Contact Jo Kusek, Director
Phone 402-572-0369

St. James/Seton P.R.E.
4720 N 90th Street
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