Perpetual Adoration

St. James has had 24 hours a day Perpetual Adoration since 1973.   Parishioners sign up for one hour per week for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the church's Adoration Chapel.   A list of those who are ill, are in the hospital, or who have died is available for intercessory prayer.   A Prayer Basket in the chapel contains requests for prayer from parishioners and visitors.   In the cabinet just outside of the chapel is a sign-in book, written intentions an reading material.   A telephone and bathroom are nearby.   Nighttime adorers are given a code to insure their safety during the night hours.   

To schedule your weekly holy hour please contact the Parish Offices. Just a reminder, if you are unable to keep your scheduled holy hour, please notify your prayer partner or secure a substitute for your holy hour.

To sign up for your own weekly Holy Hour in the presence of the Exposed Blessed Sacrament: Add your name to the Adoration billboards located in the Church Narthex.   Available hours are indicated by a blank red tab.   To sign up, write your name on a blank blue tab and replace the blank red tab in the desired time slot.

Our parish is working toward having around the clock Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.   Currently there is Exposition from 6 pm Sunday through 12 am on Friday morning.   You are encouraged to come to Adoration anytime.

As of June 1 we especially need adorers Monday through Friday from 12 am to 5 am, Tuesday 3-4 am, Monday 4-5 pm, Wednesday Noon-1 pm, and Thursday 2-3 pm.


Deacon Pat or Rosie Lenz at 402-572-0139
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Lori Darby 402-598-2264
Call the Parish Office: