Habitat for Humanity

Thanks to some very generous donors, we have received $9,513.65.  That puts us just $485 from our goal.   Many thanks for your prayers and donations of time and money.   Did you read the World Herald article 10/29 on Habitat's Deconstruction Program.   If you are consider a remodel and are interested in donating items, contact Matt Hassenstab at 402-884-7462 and have those materials removed.   Many people benefit! 

Habitat Omaha is experiencing an outstanding year in which 40 homes will be built or renovated, critical repairs will be completed on 50 owner occupied houses and 35 condemned structures will be demolished.   Habitat Omaha is focused on transforming neighborhoods and building strength, stability and self0reliance through shelter.   Thank you for helping God's people in need of decent and affordable housing, providing shelter for their families.

Faithful Builders 2017 built  in partnership with Mohamed Mohamed and Insaf Khatir and their four children, Nazik, Mohamed, Malaz and Almoatasim Billah at 2016 N. 63rd St.   Mohamed and Insaf are excited for  their own home.   Their dreams and hopes for the future for their family are what motivates them to work hard and find the time to complete the 8 classes all future homeowners are required to take and to complete 350 sweat equity hours.   It's not always easy to find the time, but they have always worked long hours.   The both appreciate the value of learning many different skills and plan to use them to keep their home well maintained and to teach them to their children.   The family enjoys cooking and eating together, laughing and sharing the events of their lives.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha is a Christian housing ministry dedicated to ending poverty housing through homeownership.   Selected families are not given a home: they purchase it with a non-interest loan.   Family partners invest up to 350 hours of work on the construction site or at the ReStore and attend a variety of homeownership classes as part of their journey.   During the recent Builders Blitz, ten houses were built in ten days.   Nearly 50 houses will be built or renovated this year.   The Habitat ReStores, 402-934-1033, save tons of materials from the landfill and all profits are used to build additional Habitat homes.

Faithful Builders Coalition was formed in 1994 and SJ and SEA are charter members.   Over the years, Faithful Builders and a number of members have been recognized by HfH Omaha for service to the organization.   Individuals from the Faithful Builders have volunteered for key roles within Habitat including property acquisition, family selection and construction managements.   Visit our Facebook page for information and updates: https://www.facebook.com/habitatfaithfulbuilders?ret_type+bookmark  
All sign-ups are completed electronically.   Go to the Habitat website at www.habitatomaha.org and click on the volunteer tab.   The Faithful Builders reservation code is fb.   If you need assistance, contact Janneane Gerot at jgerot@habitatomaha.org or 402-884-6691.   Thank you for your continued support. 

     You may sign up on line.   
1.   Go to www.habitatomaha.org
2.   Click "Sign up to volunteer now."
3.  Click blue "Use Reservation Code" and enter fb for Faithful Builders.
4.  A copy of the constructions schedule will appear, scroll to the bottom and click on "Click Here to Register"
5.  Enter your email address and name and follow screen instructions to register for your selected shifts.  
For assistance, call Janneane Gerot at 402-884-6691.

Habitat Omaha brightened the lives of 159 families in 2013 through the construction of new and renovated homes, critical and minor repairs and beautification projects.   Neighborhoods were transformed as 39 condemned homes were demolished to make way for new homes in the future.   9000 volunteers made this progress possible.  Habitat Omaha demolished their 100th house recently.  In time, new homes will be constructed on these lots, transforming neighborhoods.  Northeast Omaha is getting a new look!    Since 1994 Faithful Builders have built or renovated 22 homes.   Thank you for helping 22 low income families move into decent, affordable homes in safe neighborhoods.  Thank you for helping revitalize North and South Omaha.   Take a drive through these neighborhoods.   The transformation is amazing.

If you're looking for affordable building supplies, check the inventory at the Habitat ReStore at 108th and Bedford.   They have a large selection of tile and plumbing fixtures, in addition to home furniture and décor.   Their inventory changes daily, so stop by often.   This also is a good place to donate those extras from your home improvement projects, cabinets, appliances, etc.   Habitat saves these items from the landfill and turns them into profits to fund additional Habitat homes.  The ReStore has a new program called "Deconstruct".   If you are planning a remodel and want to donate your old cabinets, etc., call Kristin Ashley at 402-884-6997.  They will schedule an experienced team to come into your home and remove the donated pieces.   Thank you for your continued support. The ReStore has made over a million dollars this year, funding about 8 homes!

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How can you assist?

1.  Make a cash donation.
2.  Volunteer to help build.
3.  Donate building, plumbing, electrical supplies or a furnace.  In-kind donations decrease the amount of cash needed.
4.  Provide and/or deliver food to the workers.
6.  Pray! Please pray for the family, for the safety of volunteers, for sufficient funds to build the home and for favorable building weather.
7.  Support the Habitat ReStore.  Habitat's RESTORE is AT 108TH AND MAPLE!       Any building material or home improvement related items are acceptable, as long as they are in good condition.  The first ReStore is located at 1003 S. 24th St. and is filled with donated new and used home improvement supplies, furniture and appliances.  Useful items are kept out of the landfill, buyers get a great deal and Habitat for Humanity of Omaha uses the profits to build more homes.  Call the ReStore at 934-1033 to be put on their “Specials” email list.

Homeownership gives families a sense of safety and stability.  Children do better in school and are more confident.  You have the power to make a difference. Please prayerfully consider making a cash or in-kind donation to help write another success story.  All Habitat families appreciate your generosity.  Thank you.


Wish List

New computers and software, computer networking services, new flat bed truck, scissor lifts, vacant lots in south and north Omaha, ongoing donation of tools and building equipment.

Contact Information

Contact Danna Plummer
Phone 402-496-2012