Buildings and Grounds Committee

This committee monitors and maintains the physical condition and operation of the campus in order to provide a clean, practical, comfortable and safe environment. The committee conducts a tour of the facilities and equipment each spring, develops a priority list for maintenance and makes budget recommendations.

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Church Cleaning Teams

Sixteen cleaning teams keep our beautiful church tidy and prepared to celebrate the Holy Mass.   This is a great way to meet other parishioners and develop friendships.   Each team cleans about 4 times a year on Friday or Saturday mornings.   Friday Teams clean for about an hour once every three or four months.    We need help on Fridays!   If you can help, call the Parish Office at 402-572-0499.   Friday Teams need more Church Cleaners!

Team #1 includes Joe & Mary Manley, Cindy Hall, Sally Cihunka, Amy Reiner, Jolene Brezack, Herman Lodonou, Jody Jenkins, Marion Bukosky, Trisha Decook, Jay & Maureen Kleymann, Pat and Janis Dotzler, Maria Crouch and Lisa Emge.

Team #2 includes Barb Clark, Luci Catalano, Rose Klein, Patti Lamoureux, Denise Murcek, Jen Beck, Margie Cunningham, Mary Jo Morrison, Joan Krause, Alyson Gunia, Carla Dirkschneider, Tammy Garcia and Paul Fleming. 

Team #3 includes Pat and John Mordeson, Leo & Jane Rau, Susan Kinney, Laura Bird, Kim Hansen, Christina Wilkins, Sue Cutshall and Thomas Koles.

Team #4 includes Jim & Evetta McKinley, Nancy Iverson, Tom & Nan Forman, Nancy Ossino, Maureen Kleymann, Kitty Heimann, Suzanne Brocker, DeEmma Fitzgerald, Nicholas Incontro, Barbara Florez, and Carter McKinley.

Team #5 includes Aimee Harrison, Mary Lou Loeffelbein, Elaine Meyer, Kristy Mancuso, Stephanie Hamilton, Ann Rutten, Mendi Kelly, Laura Schwarz, Fabienne Bamazi, Jim Hilton.

Team #6 includes Mary Bickels, Grace & Jean Albers, Patty Miller, Colleen Post, Teresa Ryba, Sue Doll, Sandy Klein, Antonia Joppa, Tracey Hillebrandt, Geri Schmid, Jan Gillespie, Tina McGill and Bob McPherson.

Team #7 includes Jenny & Greg Morrison, Cathy Hofshier, Mary Jo Lenhart, Fred and Jody Galata, Bob & Nadine Karr, Ruth Franson, Carol Speckmann, Patrick Leahy, Nancy Iverson and Julie Phillips

Team #8 includes Carolyn Kozel, Anastasia Atayi, Meg Davis, Jessica Joppa, Tracy Mackey, Maria and Stephanie Sellers, Dina Soltys, Kori Moragues, Kodjo Kekeh,Sandi Stickrod and Karla Burris.

Team #9 includes Todd Berger, Warren and Theresa Berger, Joann Dorner, Sharon Morford, Michelle Gradoville, Michelle Mills, Rina Grillo, Sue Kriener, Carrie Kriener, Carol Coughlin, Marcy Evangelisti, Suzanne Brocker, Katie Schwartz, Bob and Deb Bogar and Lynn Wood.

Team #10 includes Mary Anne Steinbruck, Leslie Dice, Pat Manchester, Karen & Jim Miscinski, Lois & Joe Nigrin, Nancy Finn, Jean Peklo, Charlet and Nick Richter, Melissa Nigrin, Kim and Lance Steinbruck, Emily Peklo and Dave Kestner.

Team #11 includes Carol Beach, Jeanette Hilton, Eileen Caldwell, Joe & Pat Anthofer, George Grillo, Nancy Franco, Larry Czapla, Jason & Lisa Mabey, Sandy Heller and Julie Weathers.  

Team #12 includes Dottie Hodgen, Beth Shoemaker, Linda & Tom Kimminau, Dawn Cunningham, Angela Koneck, Phil Aken, Pamela Perry, Silvia Ortez, Mike & Ann Petry and Karen Roth.

Team #13 includes Carolyn Kozel, Dorothy Fischer, Suzanne Lampert, Linda Thomas, Marge Shade, Mary Kay Finnigan, Amy Pierce, Holly Luebbe, Kaylene Kartanas-Ostapowicz, Sheila Schartz, Florence Senouvo and Liz Retzlaff.

Team #14 includes Louise Vacek, Marie and Joe Pletka, Dick & Jane Gutchewsky, Shirley & George Matuella, Marge & Jim Kleymann, Ron & Betty Phillips, Lisa Haley, Linda Koumaka, and Cathy Walsh.

Team #15 includes Mary Muckey, Colleen Newton, Mary Lou Ourada, Janice Rutten, Suzanne Vinson, Pam Schmidt, Elaine Stuckey, Kacey Wandrey, Samantha Radda, Jacie Jenkins, Nancy Herbert, Phillip Ring and Sheila Pedersen

Contact:  Gina Volenec       

Gardeners (Outdoors)

Parish grounds have been beautified by the hard work of our parishioner gardeners who are responsible for planting and nurturing flower beds by rotating the watering duties one week at a time during the growing season.  Once a month, the entire group gathers to fertilize, plant, trim and work on special projects.  Gardeners also hold an annual Plant Sale in May.   Proceeds go toward purchasing new plantings and garden supplies.



Marie Pletka            Norma Jablonski   
402-572-0207         402-571-3232
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Plant Care (Indoor)

Our church’s sanctuary space holds many varieties of plants that add to the living environment of the church.  If you have a green thumb and like working with plants, please call.   Volunteers are needed to help tend to these plants a couple of times a week.  December Helen Boer

Contact Marguerite Revers                Cate Rongish
402-571-7099                       402-572-8479  

Lawn Care Crews

Parishioners take great pride in the appearance of the parish grounds, which they mow and trim every Saturday morning from April through October. There are four crews and each works once a month.  The parish supplies the equipment.  Our lawn crews always can use more participants.    

Team 1, Dave Wilmes, 402-571-8276, Randy Franson, Tom Haley, Dale Kurtenbach, John Nocita, Jim Placek, Rob Placek, Ryan Schwarz, Lyle Simmons, Mike Thomassen, Jim Wilmes, John Wilmes, Max Wilmes, Mike Wilmes
Team 2,  Joe Pletka, Woody Armentrout, Phil Burris, Ted Fischer, Steve Hofsheier, Ron Jorgensen, Louis Liebentritt, Paul Ryba, Chuck Suiter, Gary Sykora and Rob Vinson.
Team 3, Howard Lawler, Sr., 402-571-7763 includes Andrew Eihausen, John Heitz, Robert Klein, Sean Mitchell, Bob Nelson, Peter Nguyen, Rob Smith, Chris Goedken, Scott Michaelis and Steve Steinbruck.
Team 4, Pete Wolters, 402-571-3020, Derek Boer, Joe Goergen, Greg Haith, Rod Wise, Jim Hilton, Bill Hodgen, Paul Koellner, Bill LaChapelle, Brian Mackey, Mike Petry, Ken Post and Dave Roth.

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Maintenance Projects

Many of our parishioners have plumbing, electrical, and mechanical expertise.  We ask them to share these skills to help the parish keep costs down.  Most projects are short-term and can be done at your convenience.  

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