Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council representatives work in cooperation with the Pastor to put the Parish Mission Statement into action.  This Council is the primary planning and consulting body of the parish.  Responsibilities include assisting the Pastor in the determination of the direction and support of the work of the parish committees, boards and groups, and the approval of the parish financial budget.  Pastoral Council representatives are appointed for a three-year term.  Each member also acts as a liaison to other leadership groups and reports on their activities to the Council.  The Council meets monthly.

Contact:   John Daly, President


Finance Council

The Finance Council assists the pastor in overseeing the financial stewardship of the parish.  The council aids in the preparation of the annual budget, the creation and communication of periodic financial reports and the protection and oversight of parish property. The Finance Council meets on the third Thursday of each month.  Individuals apply through “Opportunities for Service” each year, and appointments are made by the pastor, based on the individual’s financial expertise and desire to serve.

Contact:  Brian Mackey, Chair    

St James/Seton Total Board of Education

The St. James / St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Total Board of Education is an advisory body operating under the concept of shared leadership in responding to the mission of faith formation.  The board forms a collaborative community that includes parents, pastors, the Director of Religious Education and the school principal.  The board is responsible for consultation and advisement on all education programs, including: school, Parish Religious Education, Adult Education, parish athletics and the Home & School Association.  It agrees to follow the policies and administrative procedures of the Archdiocese of Omaha and the Office of Catholic Schools.

Members selected from St. James and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parishes are asked to use their talents, gifts and insights for the common good of the community to promote the mission and goals of Catholic education while meeting students’ educational needs. Members are appointed by the pastors for a three-year term.  The board meets on the third Tuesday of the month and alternates its meetings between the two parishes.

Contact Jason Kinnison

Stewardship Committee

Through the Growing in God's Grace stewardship initiative, this committee poses questions such as: Why and how do we pray?   Why and how much do we give of our talents?   Why and how much do we give of our financial resources?   How we understand these questions and their answers will go a long way toward strengthening our long-term health as a parish, as well as our own personal spiritual growth.   Together, we move away from the notion of giving because there is a need and toward the belief that we have a need to give in order that we may return to God a portion of what He has given to us.   See the teams below for ways to become involved.

  • Core Team: Provides overall leadership for the other teams, generates ideas and guides the Growing in God's Grace stewardship initiative.
  • Annual Renewal Team: Educates the parish about the "four doors" to God's grace - the doors of worship, spiritual growth, service and treasure - and conducts the parish commitment renewal process.  Oversees the parish's participation in the archbishop's annual appeal.
  • Calling Team: Makes two rounds of phone calls a year to fellow parishioners about up-coming key events.
  • Children's Team: Generates and executes ideas such as the children's poster parade that engage and educate children about their faith.
  • New Parishioner Team: Participates in registration meetings and follow-up for families considering joining the parish, providing a warm welcome, information about the parish's stewardship foundation and ways to become active.
  • Parish School Team: Provides a parish-centered connection for parents with children in the five-day school.   Activities include operating the "Buddy" program for St. James families new to the school.
  • Prayer Team: Develops and executes spiritually focused activities, such as the Lenten parish mission.
Contact Fred Galata