The First Act

The First Act is a contemporary Eucharist Hour of Adoration. It includes contemporary music and prayerful adoration. Refreshments and fellowship in the narthex follow the service. Watch the Good News for the next service.

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Blue Army

This group promotes devotion to the Blessed Mother by praying the Rosary and attending weekly meetings on Thursday evenings

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Perpetual Adoration

St. James has had 24-hours-a-day Perpetual Adoration for more than 30 years. Parishioners sign up for one hour per week for prayer, meditation and spiritual reading in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the church’s Adoration Chapel.  A list of those who are ill, are in the hospital, or who have died is available for intercessory prayer.  A Prayer Basket in the chapel contains requests for prayer from parishioners and visitors.  A sign-in book, written intentions and reading material are available in the cabinet just outside of the chapel.  A telephone and bathroom are nearby.  Nighttime adorers are given a code to insure their safety during night hours.   Always feel free to drop in for prayer at any time.

Just a reminder, if you are unable to keep your scheduled holy hour, please notify your prayer partner or secure a substitute for your holy hour

Our parish is working toward having around the clock Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.   Currently there is Exposition from 6 pm on Sunday evening through 12 am on Friday morning.   You are encouraged to come to Adoration anytime.

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Suggestions for Your Holy Hour of Adoration
Sit or kneel comfortably. Allow your body to relax and your breathing to be deep and slow.
Close your eyes and imagine you are in your favorite place.   Rest there a while.
Ask the Holy Spirit to enter into this space and be your guide.
Go through a favorite prayer, choosing words that stand out.
Read Scripture passages, perhaps from the Mass of the day.
Relax into the quiet thoughts that come to you.  
Call to mind and pray for each family member and your friends.  
Read the names on the list in the chapel.  
Ask blessings and peace for each person on the list.
Call to mind areas of the world where people are suffering.
This time is sacred.   Let God hold you, lift you up, and lead you in contemplation.
At the  end of your prayer time, give thanks for God's presence in this holy place.  
Let God's blessings and love flow over you.
Leave the Chapel peaceful and refreshed,
confident that God loves you unconditionally, just the way you are.

Catholic Daughters Our Lady of Faith Rosary Chain

The OLOF Court 2604 Rosary Chain offers a wonderful opportunity to ask for prayers for special intentions. Members pray one decade of a specific set of the mysteries for an intention for 15 days. Each group consists of 15 people. Multiple groups are encouraged. Volunteers are notified by phone or e-mail. Recitation of a decade of the rosary takes just a few minutes and the rewards are powerful!

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Prayer Chain

Parishioners can call or e-mail prayer requests to the Prayer Chain.   Prayer Chain members are expected to respect the confidentiality of all prayer requests.  Calls are taken from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 402-933-6509, or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any time of the day or evening.  Prayer Chain members are notified of a request via email or a phone tree.

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Vocations Committee

The Vocations Committee sponsors “Prayers for Vocations” each Sunday at Mass and through the “31 Club”.   The “31 Club” is a prayer program in which parishioners choose one date of the month when they go to Mass and pray for all priests, sisters, brothers, deacons and lay ministers who have served or are serving St. James Parish, and to pray that future church vocations will be forthcoming from the parish.

Please pray for our Seminarians as they prepare for a lifetime of service in the Church.
Nicholas Phillips

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