Baby Blankets Are Needed

“Beginning Essentials” parenting programs empower women to care for their babies until they reach their 18-month

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is frightening for a woman who lacks the support of her boyfriend or family.

Women walk into our centers believing that no one cares about them or the child developing inside of them. It is an “aloneness” most of us have never experienced. A large part of our program centers around giving the gift of a blanket. Many EPS volunteers knit, crochet, and sew dozens of blankets for us, but our supply is drastically low. Any blanket donation you can give, of any kind, would be appreciated.

If you can help, contact us at: Essential Pregnancy Services, 6220 Maple St., Omaha, 68104.
     Office, 402.554.0121
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     Hotline: 402.554.1000
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