Fr. Tom’s Thoughts

Dear St. James Parishioners,

This weekend we are having our 2019 Annual Stewardship Renewal Commitment Weekend. Our theme this year is Encounter Jesus.

Jesus truly wants to have an encounter with each one of us and there are many way to do so, such as by: prayer, adoration, reading, inspiration, family and friendships. But, for many of us, it is difficult to encounter Him in these ways. We want to get to know Him in a real tangible way. There is a longing in our hearts to get to know our God.

Jesus actually became human so that we could get to know our God in a personal way. We can literally: watch his actions, see His face, and listen to His voice. So when we talk about encountering Him there are concrete ways we can do so, such as by opening the doors of Spiritual Growth, Service, Worship or Treasure. He is literally right behind the door. All we have to do is to choose to open one or more of them. It is our choice.

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to look things over in the St. James Ministry and Talent 2019 Resource Directory and have prayerfully considered which door(s) you want to open. Jesus is inviting you: “To come to Me,” “To be not afraid,” “To step out of the boat,” and “To ask, to seek and to knock.” All we have to do is to take a chance and come to Him. What are we afraid of? He always has more to give us and rewards our openness with many more gifts.

If, for some reason you were not able to fill out the Renewal card at Mass today, please do so at home and send it in as soon as possible. Remember, you are opening the doors to an Encounter with Jesus. This is what we are on earth to do and a foretaste of eternal life in Heaven. He is our King of Kings and our Lord of Lords forever. He is everything for us! We certainly want to get to know Him here on earth.

You will also see on the bottom of this page my personal Wish List. This can help us focus on what we most desperately need here at St. James.

I thank you in advance for your active participation in our parish. Working together we can accomplish great things and we can Encounter Christ together! May God bless everyone!

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Tom Weisbecker