Fatherly Knecht-ions

What is the last wedding feast you have been a part of? Was it abundant and full of joy? Heaven is the supreme wedding feast. Isaiah 61 says God will rejoice in His people like a bridegroom rejoices in his bride. Our Gospel is the famous scene of Mary and Jesus (and his followers) at a wedding feast that was about to go bad. Because of Mary’s intercession, Jesus saves the families from embarrassment by providing an abundance of wine – and the best tasting wine at that. This is a sign to all of us that heaven is the eternal wedding banquet, filled with joy and the riches of God’s grace. We get foretastes of that banquet when we follow Jesus, live out the sacraments we’ve received and reach out to our neighbors from that abundance of grace we receive from God. Ask for Mary’s intercession and God’s grace to follow Jesus as you face your embarrassments and live with joy.

God’s Peace,

Fr. Knecht