Fr. Tom's Thoughts

Dear St. James Parishioners,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude for all those who made the 44th annual SJ/SEA Melodrama/Olio so successful! I found it to be enjoyable, entertaining and just plain fun. I know a whole lot of effort and energy went into this yearly production, as this doesn’t happen overnight – all the play writing, skit writing, directing, auditions, play rehearsals, song choosing, musical practices, dancing choreography and practices, behind the scenes work, set designs and paintings, ticket sales, advertising, setting up the busses, lighting, music playing, wardrobe design and production, make-up, obtaining, producing and serving refreshments, clean-up, administration, sponsor solicitation and being a sponsor, and I’m sure many other participants and activities.

Wow! It is such a community builder – there are LOTS of people involved! I thank all of you who gave of your talents so much! I also thank all those from St. Elizabeth Ann – it really was a team effort. I hope that it will continue to be a heart-warming, wintertime experience for years to come. I also thank those who went to enjoy the production. I hope you all enjoyed it like I did. Yes, there were some strange moments, and yes, I missed some of the humor – but welcome to real life. There were mostly a lot of smiles and laughter (and appropriate boos) during the show and that is what we’re here for. May God bless all of you who gave so much time and energy to make it so successful!

As we continue to make our Lenten journey into the desert, I wish everyone a great week and God’s blessings!

Fr. Tom Weisbecker