Fatherly Knecht-ions

St. Luke gives us another interesting parable from Jesus this Sunday. A master commends his dishonest steward for his prudence in making a living. That does not mean Jesus is justifying evil actions. He is making the point about trust and responsibility. If evildoers are prudent with their dishonesty, even if it is out of fear, all the more should followers of Christ be prudent with the good works they do. The virtue of prudence is about making the right choices. Knowing what to do and carrying it out.

Going on retreats can give us the opportunity to grow in virtues, including prudence, as we take time away from the hustle and bustle of life, and give our time to be more focused on God. It is prudent to go on retreat. Priests must have one annually. I will have mine in November. The archdiocese of Omaha has retreat centers that can help adults focus on God’s will for their life.

What about our teens? The St. James/Seton Overflow youth group is having a retreat in late October, but the registration deadline is the end of this month. More details can be found on page two of this week’s bulletin and registration papers are available in the kiosk outside the parish library. I always enjoyed the retreats and lock-ins made available to me as a teen. I hope the teens of this parish take advantage of the healthy environment we want to provide you for encountering our Lord. “You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

God’s Peace,

Fr. Knecht