Architects and Artisans/Constructors and Craftsmen

the Architects and Artisans

Dave Beringer: A St. James parishioner, Davis is president of Zenon Beringer Mabrey, the Omaha architectural firm that designed the new St. James church building.  Dave and ZBM have worked on other ST. James projects, including the parish center, the overall master plan and the ongoing project to renovate and add on to St. James/Seton School.   Dave and his wife Carol, have been parishioners since 1969, and their three now-grown children, Rob, Susanne and Jeff, graduated from the parish school.

ZBM has worked on a number of other churches, including St. Elizabeth Ann, St. Gerald in Ralston, St. Patrick in Gretna, St. Patrick in Fremont and the chapel at Elkhorn's Mount Michael Abbey.  Other projects include St. John Vianney in Omaha and St. Clare in O'Fallon, Illinois.

Besides Dave, other key ZBM architects on the St. James project included Doug Peters, who with Dave was a co-designer;  Cheryl Kiel, who prepared the technical drawings; John Brennan, who monitored the construction process; Steven Ginn, who designed the liturgical furnishings; and Connie Emanuel, who was the interior designer.  Farris Engineering was ZBM's mechanical and electrical engineering consultant.

Mark Lambrecht: With his wife, Kristi, Mark owns and operates Lambrecht Glass Studio in Omaha's Old Market area, where the studio has been based since 1995.  Lambrecht and his staff, who designed the stained glass and other glass elements in the new church, have a 224-year tradition in the glass business and have worked on a number of churches, both in the Omaha area and nationally.   Kristi is the design and layout specialist for the Lambrecht team, with Mark handling the production and business ends of the operation.

Anton Fuetsch: An Austrian native who now lives and works in Berkeley, California.   Anton is a master woodcarver, creating pieces that range from ornate mantelpieces and wall carvings to sculptures and large-scale work for churches.   He created the Madonna and child state and the St. Joseph state for St. James.

Paul Kemp:  Paul was responsible for re-polishing and refurbishing the corpus on the cross hung in St. James Church.  At the time of the dedication, he had worked for Wood Specialties of Omaha for 16 years.   Paul and his wife, Marla, for twenty years.   They have two daughters, Brianne and Laura.   Paul is active as a Eucharistic Minister.

the Constructors and Craftsmen

Lund-Ross Constructors:  An Omaha company formed in 1987, Lund-Ross was the general contractor for the church project.   Dick Carpenter was the project superintendent and his team included Tim Donovan, the project manager, and Brent Williams, the field manager.

Fucinaro Excavating Company:  The earthwork for the new construction was done by this Omaha company.  Dave Fucinaro, a partner in the multi-generational business is a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Parish.   He and his wife, Diane, have three children, all of whom attend St. James/Seton School.

URS Corporation:  Ken Nass, a St. James parishioner, did the soil testing for the project as part of his work for this company.

Baldwin Carpet:  Jim Baldwin, a St. Elizabeth Ann parishioner, owns this company, which supplied and installed all the carpeting for the new church.

Fortina Tile Company:  This company, led by Brian Fortina, did the ceramic tile work in the new church building, including the bathrooms, sanctuary, baptismal font and entryway.   He and his wife, Laura, are parishioners at St. James, and their two children attended St. James/Seton School.

National Electric Company:  Rick Milota of National Electric was the electrical contractor.  His father, the late Richard Milota, was the former president of the company and a St. James parishioner.  Sharron Milota, Rick's mother, is still a member and has been since 1968.  Rick is a 1980 graduate of St. James School.

Double D Excavating:  The original rectory building at 9130 Tomahawk Boulevard was demolished and removed by Doube D.   It is owned by David Doll, whose wife, Sue Doll, works in the office at St. James/Seton School.

L.A. Sprinkler:  St. James parishioner Pete Wolters owns this company, which installed a lawn-sprinkler system on the church grounds.   He and his wife, Darcy, have two children, Claire and Joseph, who attended ST. James/Seton School.   Pete served on the Parish Council and had also been president of the Council.

The Building Committee
Executive committee: Fr. Michael Grewe, Fr. Raphael Walsh, Fr. James Brown, Debbie Armentrout, Joe Laferla.

Other committee and subcommittee members:  Dick Batenhorst, Katie Biggs*, Dick Birkel, Maryann Boscardin, Helen Bosiljevac, John Bradley, Steve Byers, Laura Clark, Jerry Coon, Terry Crum*, Gregg and Carol Drvol, Mary Ann Dunning, Jim and Linda Ely, Lisa Ferrer, Diane Fucinaro, Greg Goergen, Nancy Gomez, Randy Grosse*, Gary Heller, Rich Hopkins, Georgia Johnson, Bob Karr, Paul Lamoureux, Gina Langin, Bob McDonald, Jim McKinley, Scott Michaelis, Steve Morford*, Lisa Nelson, Lowell Newhaus, Mike Patterson, Joseph Pletka, Harold Ramsour*, Don Reiner, Tim Ryan, Nancy Schulte, Teri Teutsch, Rich and Louise Vacek, Dave Volenec, Dan Walsh, Chris Young, Ed Weidner*, Paul Wenninghoff, Pete Wolters.
*committee chairs

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