Tour of our Church Building

In 1963, a new Catholic parish was born on land that had been a field of sunflowers and in what was then the northwestern edge of Omaha.  It was named St. James to honor the memory of three former bishops of Omaha: James O'Gorman, James O'Connor and James Ryan.   Soon, a school and a temporary church were built, and as the parish grew and thrived, additions and renovations followed.   But it wasn't until nearly 40 years later - that the "temporary" church was able to give way to a permanent building.

The December 1, 2002, dedication of a new St. James church was a defining, historic  and thrilling - moment for the parish.   Consider it a celebration of the fruits of that 40-year wait: A church design that showers honor and glory on our Lord.   A wondrous space that offers a reverent environment for praise and worship.  A church that provides room for a greater experience of community before, during and after Mass.

For some, this "tour" is meant to serve simply as an introduction to our facility.   For others, it is intended to put a heart and a soul on a project that, to those passing by it, has seemed to be mostly bricks and mortar.   But mostly, this is a thank you to the many parishioners and others who have done so much and waited so long to turn a dream into a wonderful reality.

Mission Statement
At St. James Catholic Parish, we are a people gathered together, continuing the mission of Jesus Christ through our worship and our service.

We strive toward that mission by:

  • Cultivating spiritual growth through participation in meaningful liturgical experiences
  • Strengthening our parish through a variety of small and large group activities to build community, enabling us to pray, play and grow together
  • Supporting quality education programs for parishioners of all ages
  • Calling forth the talents of all our parishioners and empowering their ministries
  • Welcoming newcomers, reaching out to the alienated and inviting other people to join our Christian community
  • Offering spiritual, material and human resources to the poor and suffering of the world

And in all that we do - through service or worship - we are guided by Christ's words...

"Love one another as I have loved you."